Sympathy Flowers

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  • teddy bear
    $99.99 $79.99

    12 large red roses arranged all-around in a clear glass vase with green and $15 brown bear. No filler

  • Sale
    $264.99 $244.99

    4 Dozen largered roses arranged all-around with greens and babies breath if avail. in large glass vase. No bow.

  • Sale
    $79.99 $59.99

    6 red roses roses and 2 stargazer lilies arranged all-around in a vase with greens, red fillers and curly willow if avai.

  • Sale
    $159.99 $139.99

    Two dozen red roses roses arranged in a vase with seeded eucalyptus and a $15 box of chocolates

  • Sale
    $114.99 $94.99

    All white oriental lilies arranged in a clear glass vase with a few greens only

  • $79.99

    All hot pink roses and spray roses arranged low and compact in a low cyclinder vase with china berries and a gold ribbon bow

  • $64.99

    Lavander and pink daises, green roses, pink alstro and, green button mums with a few greens arranged low compact in a rectangular natural basket.

  • $74.99

    Pink, red, purple, and white flowers arranged full and close toegther in a tall glass vase. Stargazers, matsumoto aster, roses, carns, montecasino, iris, stock, and few greens.

  • $64.99

    12 Large red roses roses in clear glass rose vase with assorted greens and baby’s breath

  • $49.99

    6 Large pink roses in a clear glass cylinder vase. Just assorted greens. No fillers or bow.

  • $124.99

    2 Dozen longstem red roses roses in clear glass vase that bulbs out at the bottom if possible. Greens and monticasino if available. No bow.

  • timeless beauty
    $69.99 $49.99

    2 large while roses in bud vase with greens and a white $15 bear. Bear’s arms are wrapped around the vase.

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